Censorship at the Life Extension Foundation?

The discussion between Tom and me proceeds in a fairly congenial manner but in the last two messages Tom appears to me to become quite angry. This happens apparently just as an unnamed third party begins to write to Tom about me in a successful effort to incite him. Tom's sudden ire is very odd because Tom and I had just found ourselves in agreement on what I would consider the most important point of all: the increased risk with age posed by glutamine GH supplementation and the possible need for a written caution in the literature for older people. I was thanking him profusely for his agreement even as he was editing my final messages to such an extent that their main themes were barely discernible. He then proclaimed abruptly and unilaterally that our discussion was over. 

Tom is a recognized authority on anti-aging, especially here on the internet, and so I felt no qualms about quoting him as an authority in support of a related argument I was making to someone else on a health related email discussion group. Someone there wrote to Tom about it, apparently in such a way as to give Tom the false impression that I had somehow misquoted him. Tom then promptly banned me from participating in the LEF forum for one year.  It was very very strange. 

LEF sells glutamine to the public, after all, so perhaps it was foolish of me to express my concerns in the LEF Forum. Apparently I ruffled a few feathers. Oh well.

I continue however to have only the greatest respect and admiration for Tom. Life is too short to worry much about internet misunderstandings. They happen all the time, as anyone experienced with this medium knows well.


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